A well-informed employee is the best salesperson a company can have. E. J. Thomas

Organizational mission

Organization's commitment to a type of business and a distinctive marketplace role. It is reflected in the attitude to consumers, employees, suppliers, competitors, government, and others.

Variety-novelty seeking

A personality trait, which measures a consumer’s degree of variety seeking. Individual who possess this personality trait are often purchase products, which have some variety or novelty in them.

Cross-cultural influences

Norms and values of consumers in foreign countries that influence the strategies of multinational firms marketing their products abroad.

Family Branding

The practice of marketing several company products under the same brand name.

Premium house

Special agency, which buys and supplies goods used for sales promotion purposes, often buying on an international scale.

Designated market area (DMA)

The geographic areas used by the Nielsen Station Index in measuring audience size, from which stations attract their viewers.


The revelation of new information at the end of a teaser campaign.

Direct marketing channel

A marketing channel that has no intermediary levels.

Relative precision

The degree of precision desired in an estimate of a parameter is expressed relative to the level of the estimate of the parameter.


Supplier employed sales representatives who solicit business from retailers on buying trips.

Lookalike branding

Packaging a product in such a way that it looks similar to the brand leader, without actually making the pack or brand name identical.

Line family branding

Grouping related products under a single brand name.

Cold mailing

Direct mailing to new prospects as and when a mailing list is hired. The response rate of cold mailing is generally very low.


Imports: Goods or services entering a country.

Importers: Retailers and wholesalers that fulfill the same functions as distributors. Generally do not have exclusive rights to the product.

Functional matrix

An organization option in which the matrix leans toward the functions. Participant have dual reporting relationships, but the functional reporting is intended to dominate the thinking and action.

Vertical sales organization

Organization that has several levels ofmanagement all reporting upward to the next level.

Gable end

In the context of outdoor advertising it refers to poster site on side-wall of house or shop.

Goodness-of-fit test

Statistical test employing χ2 to determine whether some observed pattern of frequencies corresponds to an expected pattern.

Visit duration (Web)

The length of time a user spends on a Web site during a visit, or the number of pages viewed at a Web site during a visit.


Lengthy print advertisements that are laid out to resemble editorial material, often it is difficult for readers to distinguish between the two.